Diet recommended to fight COVID-19 and similar viruses

We all know that a healthy diet leads to a healthy life. During the difficult time of Covid-19, everyone should take care of their health by taking a proper diet including immunity booster foods to fight against Covid-19 and other similar viruses. Having a balanced diet is necessary to recover from illness, infections, and prevent other health problems as well. Some foods are filled with nutrients that work best for your body to support the immune system so that one can live a long and healthy life. Till now, there is no vaccine available for COVID -19, so many doctors and dietitians have recommended some foods that everyone must include in their diet daily to be safe and improve the body’s ability to ward off the infections.


Cinnamon includes antiviral properties in it that can be very helpful and may protect you from the coronavirus. Cinamon is a common kitchen spice that has a great taste and is added to dishes for improving the dish flavor. The benefit of including cinnamon in your diet is that you can also get many health benefits along with the delicious taste. You can immerse the cinnamon stick in water and in the morning you can drink that water. It will help you to stay immune and also to maintain blood pressure.


In order to support your body to function properly, you should take garlic every day. Its antiviral elements ensure to boost your body immunity and recover fast from several infections. Garlic is the best spice to add in the dish for the yummy taste but you can also get potential health advantages. Add it in soups, sauces, salads, vegetables, and other foods in various forms. One can take 2 or 3 raw cloves of garlic with the warm water in the morning and receive more benefits. 

Vitamin C foods

Foods like lemon, amla, red peppers, tomatoes, etc have rich vitamin C which plays a vital role in improving immunity. It is advisable nowadays to increase the amount of Vitamin C in your body. These foods can cure a common cold and cough which are familiar symptoms of Covid-19. So there is no harm to take precautions and change your eating habits. Children and older people have more chances to get infected so everybody should take a proper diet to fight the diseases. 

More food products such as blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cocoa, grapes, Ginger are great supplements to include in your daily diet. Now that you know about the diet you should take to be healthy and fit. But maintaining good hygiene is also necessary.

Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle during Covid-19:-

  • Consume lots of vegetables and fruits daily. 
  • Stay hydrated always. 
  • Wash hands before eating something. 
  • Clean the foods and vegetables properly with water before preparing food or eating.

Make some changes in your diet and see the health effects in your lifestyle. Exercise and good sleep are also as important as maintaining a good diet during this pandemic. So just follow the advice and take the necessary steps to fight the viruses bravely.

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