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Central India is an ideal holiday spot for many tourists because its culture combined with history makes it very different. Central India is home to historical temples, monuments, wildlife sanctuaries to give you experiences for a lifetime. There are many undiscovered places that you may not have heard of but are worthy of being on your travel list to get a true taste of India. These places will add fuel to your wanderlust and get you in to discover mode. So these are the destinations you must visit to explore the best of Central India. 

Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India which will excite you in many ways. To explore something new and have a thrilling experience, Pench National Park is the best place to visit and explore wildlife. Madhya Pradesh is a haven for wildlife lovers because it has various famous national parks but this stunning Pench National park is still not known to many. The most alluring thing is that you can have a great chance of spotting Royal Bengal tigers here especially in the summers.  Enjoy Jeep safaris and click candid and wonderful pictures of animals.

You will find many luxurious resorts and hotels near the park for a comfortable stay. You can relax and also experience the adventure for an enchanting experience.  Not only wildlife spotting, but you also have numerous options to enjoy such as elephant safaris, boating, bonfires, bird watching, and cycling rides which will add excitement to your stay.

Chitrakote Falls, Jagdalpur

This place deserves all the attention because it is known as Niagara Falls of India. You will get spectacular views at this waterfall and you should visit between months September to December to witness its grandeur. Located near the city of Jagdalpur, you can go for a one day trip or stay overnight and enjoy camping. I went for a weekend getaway there from the city by bicycle. It is one of the best ways to reach the falls because the road journeys are always best and there was not much traffic also. I saw other people also reaching there on bicycles. Even cycling events are also held here. When I reached there I was spellbound to see the majestic view of the waterfall.

We later went for an adventurous boat ride where the boatman took us really close to the waterfall to get the full view of the waterfall and it looked massive. It was a bit scary but a very special experience. If you like you can also have a mist bath at Chitrakote falls. Later we relaxed and witnessed the sunset. We all wanted to enjoy camping near the falls under the stars. There are tents near the waterfall which are comfortable and safe. We enjoyed bonfires, stared at the stars while having conversations, and shared laughs. Do not forget to bring your cameras because you are going to miss the place when you leave. Sounds interesting, right? So, add this place in your itinerary whenever you visit India. 

Panna, Madhya Pradesh

If you are planning to visit Khajuraho then you must visit Panna which is 45 km from Khajuraho. It is one of the best and lesser-known places in Madhya Pradesh. Panna is the only site of diamond mines and home to many ancient Hindu temples and religious sites where you can understand the culture of Hinduism very briefly. These Hindu temples feature brilliant Hindu and Mughal architectures which are a sight to behold. Not only you can have a spiritual experience but also get a chance to witness life in the wild in the Panna National Park. 

Panna National Park is a very beautiful location with waterfalls and forests where one can have safari experiences. You can watch birds, tigers, several other wild species, and enjoy the quietness of that place. You can even visit Panda caves and waterfalls and have quality time together with your family. Believe me, Panna is one of the best places for culture enthusiasts. And many nature and wildlife photographers visit Panna National Park frequently.

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

There are many places in India where you can see architectural brilliance and Mandu is one of them. For all the history buffs out there, Mandu is a must-visit destination for you because you can visit various forts and Mahals and enjoy a historical trip. The best places to visit in Mandu are Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, and Jain temples. The beauty of the Jahaz palace is flawless. It looks like a big ship and has designed carving and patterns which are really beautiful. Hindola Mahal is a swinging palace that used to be a leisure place for Mughals. The entire structure is innovative and it also has an open-air theatre. You will get to know a lot about history here. This monument is really unique from others.  

You can also enjoy popular sports here such as speed boating, rafting, jet skiing, parasailing. Mandu is hence an irresistible destination for travelers visiting Madhya Pradesh in search of history and adventure. 

Mainpat, Chattisgarh

A small quiet hill station with deep valleys, breathtaking views, waterfalls, monasteries, and dense forest. Mainpat is also called Mini Tibet as it is dotted with many monasteries and has a huge Tibetan population. So it is a great place to explore Tibetan culture and traditions. Dhakpo Shedupling is one of the most visited monasteries in Mainpat. Also, you can visit Fish Point, Tiger Point, Sunset Point, Mercury Waterfalls, and much more. You can take up lots of sports at Tiger and Fish Point like paragliding, rappelling, and rock climbing. Moreover, trekking is the most favorite activity of travelers visiting Mianpat because you will find many trekking routes and places to discover during your Journey. Have a fabulous trip to this cozy hill station and create sweet memories. 

These are the places that are not very famous like others but offer so many unique chances to experience India in different ways.

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