What to pack while travelling to South India in winters

The best time to visit South India is during the winter, but there are variations in regions. The peak season is from December to February when the climate is most pleasant – Kerala is least humid this time, it is dry and daytime temperatures remain between 22 to 30’C. The hill stations, like Munnar, are cool and you will need a pullover or jacket during morning and evening. Temperatures and humidity started from late March.

We always get confused while packing our luggage, as sometimes we forget to keep essential things and fill our bag with other things which are actually not needed.

So i am going to make a list of the things you must know to pack before going on a trip to South India in winters. 

Carry warm clothes 
The weather is pleasant so you can carry t-shirts and trousers and girls can also carry long dresses , skirts and if you are visiting hill stations then you should bring woolen clothes including gloves and caps because sometimes it’s too windy and cold.

Also you can carry beachy clothes and a swimsuit for a beach trip. Carry a scarf or a stoll as there are numerous temples in South India where you need to cover your head. In day time, temperature might be a little bit hot, but evenings are always cold.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Sunscreen lotion and sunglasses must be included in your travel kit so before going for outing apply sunscreen on your body and wear sunglasses which is the best way to protect your eyes and body from sun rays. 

Don’t forget your umbrella

An umbrella is another essential thing to protect your body from the sun and also it is necessary if rain comes suddenly, as nobody knows when the weather can change. 

Carry extra pair and comfortable shoes

Whether it’s summer, winter or monsoon season, always carry comfortably & an extra pair of shoes as it protects your foots by many things while walking on roads, also if you are ascending on hilly areas or whether riding car, bicycle, motorbike or going on a long walk, shoes are more comfortable than slippers. 


Winters are so cold and diseases like Cough, cold, fever are common. So keep all necessary medicines in advance to enjoy your journey with no worries. 

Body care products

Do not forget to carry body care products which are your regular products like dry shampoo, lip balm, face cream, moisturizer, toothbrush, soap and your personal towel too. 


It says that a book is your best friend while you are alone. While travelling on a flight, train or bus keeps a good story book, as a book is a welcome companion to spend time. 

Keep some Snacks

Sometimes you are stuck in a place where you will find no eateries, also in winter our stomach needs much food so keep light snacks in advance while travelling. 


Water is the most essential thing which you should never avoid while travelling, whether it is a short or long journey. Our body always needs water so keep a bottle of mineral water wherever you go. 

Power bank/ batteries

We never want to miss our mobile and camera as these are the only things to keep our travel memories fresh and alive, so keep power bank or charger, batteries of your camera with you as it will help you in a place where there your mobile or camera battery finished and you can take all beautiful pictures of nature in South India


While travelling outside, always give your preference towards cash as it is safer than using a credit or debit card, especially while shopping in the local market. In the Southern part of India you will get ATMs machines to withdraw money. 

Language translator in your mobile

In South India a few people speak English and there are a large number of the locals who speak Tamil, Malyalam & Kannada which are their local languages, so do not forget to keep a translator in your mobile which will help you a lot and will save you from any kind of confusion. 

So follow these tips while you are going anywhere to enjoy your tour here with no worries. Also plastics are banned in the entire country so it’s better to carry a bag while shopping as there are many things to buy.

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