Ginger – Powerful Spice to Boost Immunity

Ginger is a flowering plant whose Ginger root is used as a spice in Indian kitchens and also used as medicine to help ward off illness such as cold, flu, fever, and boost your immune system. Ginger was produced in Southeast Asia and came to the West through the spice business. Many varieties of Ginger root exist but the one that has a light brown coating and yellowish flesh is generally most used by Indians. Ginger is available in many forms: fresh, preserved, pickled, crystallized, powdered, and dried. This versatile kitchen item owns many compounds that can be really advantageous for one’s health. Ginger has countless health qualities and is consumed in many different ways to improve your overall health and helps you to stay fit. Moreover, Ginger is used in several Ayurvedic medicines to improve hair and skin texture and conditions. 

Benefits of Ginger:-

Ginger is one of the best flavors added to food to make the dish delicious. Ginger is also added to the drinks such as tea, soda, and cocktails to enhance the flavors but most importantly the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in Ginger can improve your health in many ways. Everyone should include Ginger in their diet daily to boost their health and reduce the risk of illness. Some of the potential health benefits of Ginger include:- 

  • Help relieve the cold and flu.
  • Help ease nausea, especially morning sickness.
  • Help in handling chronic indigestion.
  • Help strengthen the immunity of the body.
  • Help to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Help to manage Asthma and blood pressure.
  • It may help in cancer treatment.
  • The ginger powder may be useful in lowering period pain.
  • Help in reducing weight.
  • Helps in reducing blood sugar.

Ginger is a must take spice during COVID – 19 because this miraculous ingredient is a natural immunity booster. Ginger is actually a powerful home remedy for fighting against illness and infections during this pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that consuming Ginger can have a “positive effect on your health”. 

Many people like to take special herbal tea by adding ginger, lemon, and honey to stay fit. It is the perfect way to have this superfood in your diet because Ginger is warm and eating too much of it can sometimes have adverse effects on your digestive system. So, I suggest you add ginger to your tea to improve the taste and have the tea in the morning on an empty stomach to take advantage of its several health benefits. Try including Ginger daily and discover all how it can be helpful to your health. 

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