Goa and Kerala Tour in 2021: Why is it a must for all travelers

The breakout of the pandemic forced us to stay at our homes to protect ourselves from the virus. It has already been over a year since people have started thinking about embarking on vacations. The year is about to end, and you should surely need to plan your holidays for the next year. Even though we will be going through the pandemic, you can always take safety measures to avoid it. In fact, the places are moderately opening, and vacationing with your loved ones is resuming again. India promises you some of the best experiences during your next holiday. Each of its states represents a unique culture and is different from each other. 

Kerala and Goa, which is in the southern part of the country, are famous for their tranquil backwaters and beaches, respectively. It is a must-visit in the year 2021. So, folks, here are some of the reasons why you should start your new year by exploring the beautiful sites of Goa and Kerala.

  1. Architecture

You will be amazed to see the varieties of constructions in Kerala, such as monuments, palaces, and other buildings. They are constructed brilliantly so that it balances with its climatic conditions. 

It follows the Indian Vedic architectural science that is Vaastu Shastra and a portion of Dravidian Architecture. Some of the buildings with the best architecture are Guruvayur temple, Kerala Folklore Museum, Bekal fort, etc.

The Goan architecture takes inspiration from the Portuguese, Indians, and Mughals. The buildings were made during the colonial period and are one of the tourist attractions.

  1. Beaches

The beaches in Goa are incredibly famous and a lot of people are present on the beaches, rendering the beaches a lively place. There are some amazing water sports also going on for travelers to enjoy. You can avail yourself the one you wish to. Then there are various shacks along the beach that serve delicious local fare. Kerala beaches are a replacement for Goa beaches. The most known beach is Kovalam beach. It is more like Goa’s Baga beach. There are even shops on the beaches, and some of them even have water sports like Goa. 

  1. Temples and Churches

The land of Gods has some splendid religious temples. Some of them date back even more than 2000 years. It is one of the suitable places for people who believe in gods and are seeking spirituality. There are a total of 2167 temples in Kerala. 

Goa has around 28 fantastic churches. Their architecture will leave you speechless. These churches depict the traditional culture of Goa which is heavily influenced by the Portuguese style.

  1. Water and Land Sports

The moment you reach Goa beaches, you will be able to see the varieties of water sports available there. You will not only find it on a beach or two but literally on every beach except for one that is Anjuna beach. There are different adventures for people of every age. You can either take a stroll along the shoreline or engage in adventurous water sports. Some of them are snorkeling, scuba diving, flyboarding, kayaking, water rafting, surfboarding, speed boating, and many more. The rides come in various packages. You can select as per your preferences.

Have you ever heard how much cycling could be adventurous? Explore the beauty of Kerala by cycling through forests, water bodies, cultivation areas, etc. It is no less than biking and quite famous in Kerala. 

  1. Boat Race

Boat race that is Vallam Kali is a boating competition that takes place in a large number. It happens in the month of harvest on the day of Onam. There are various kinds of boats used in the race, such as snake boats, paddle boats which are almost 100 feet long. The race takes place in the backwaters. For the Nehru trophy boat race, an individual team expends lakhs of rupees.

  1. Nature and Wildlife

Both the places are rich in flora and fauna. There are some tropical gardens in Goa that are open to tourists. It comes in a package. Some guides make you explore through the various cultivations, and once you complete the tour, you get to have lunch that includes their authentic food.

  1. Food

Food is one of the best attractions once you reach Kerala and Goa.

Some of the traditional food of Kerala is Erissery, which is a stew that consists of pumpkin and lentils. Other dishes include Puttu with Kadala curry, Kerala prawns curry, Malabar parotta with Kerala beef curry. The authentic food items of Goa are Goan fish curry, Chicken Xacuti, Chicken cafreal, Samarachi Kodi. The famous dessert includes Patolea. It comprises a stuffing of jaggery, coconut, and cardamom. 

With such interesting experiences on offer in Goa and Kerala, a trip to these amazing states would offer you some great memories. If you are a beach person, then without hitting any second thought, visit both the places and create memories that you will cherish forever!

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