Is it safe to travel to India?

Is it safe to travel to India? India is an impressive country, full of history and culture. India is a country that will inspire you with its traditions, values, languages and food. It is one of the best and exciting travel destinations. When you decide to travel with your family, alone or even with your friends. I am sure you will have many questions in your mind regarding safety and travel. Here in this blog I will suggest some ideas and so that it will be easy for you to have a secure and smoother trip. Recommended tour packages.

Is it safe / easy to travel to India?

Travelling with Kids

Travelling with Kids Is it safe to travel to India?

Travelling with your family and especially with kids can be a bit challenging but I will try my best to provide you with some suggestions that can help you in organizing a hassle free trip so that you can visit this amazing country and have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

  • Choosing location

    India is a vast country and it has a lot of destinations to offer. If you are planning to visit any part of India. You should prefer a destination which you and your kids both can relish and can be a secure and interesting place to visit. According to me, you can visit any part of North India where you can learn a lot about Indian history, culture and visit ancient monuments, temples and many more or you should visit famous beach destination Goa, and if you have time, I am sure Kerala will be worth visiting. So plan and choose your destination accordingly where you and your kids can do activities together and spend your time blissfully.

  • Accommodation and Transport

    Before travelling with kids, it is important to do some research and book all the services accordingly so that you can enjoy your trip without any trouble. You should reserve a hotel where they provide a facility of kids play room or pool where your kids can easily adjust and have fun. Also consider hiring a private transport and avoid public transport as it will be a little crowded. Travelling with a private car and driver is more comfortable.

  • Heath

    It is necessary to take some precautions to have a secure travel. Make sure that you and your kids use hand sanitizer from time to time. And always use bottled water and if you think that your kids will fall sick so I suggest you to prefer vegetarian cuisine instead of non vegetarian or if you want to have something light. You can also ask the hotel or restaurant to prepare something less spicy for you. Carry necessary medicines with you as well so you won’t have any problem.

  • Bring appropriate Clothes

    When you travel to India, keep in mind to carry the clothes according to the destination you are heading to. If you are going to hill stations, you will need some warm clothes for you and your kids and if you’re visiting Rajasthan you will need loose fitting and airy clothes.

  • Travel Insurance

    I think it’s a must to have travel insurance before you to travel to India. If you have a medical emergency while you are in India or any travel related emergency then insurance will come to your rescue and it is a financial help for you in these times.

I understand that you need to be well prepared while travelling with your kids but if you follow these necessary tips it will surely be a great and wonderful experience for you and your family for lifetime.

Solo female travel in India

Solo female travel in India Is it safe to travel to India?

Is it safe to travel to India? In my opinion, travelling to India is a life changing experience and it’s worth it. Those of you who prefer independent travel or what we also call solo travelers, often have many concerns and one needs to be little prepared and keep some things in mind before travelling alone.

As a solo female traveler, one needs to be a little cautious while travelling not only in India but in any other part of the world also. So if you are willing to travel alone, these are some essential tips for solo female travelers. These tips are important so that it could be helpful for females travelling around India to avoid stress and trouble. I can not stress the importance of using a female travelers friendly travel agency and make sure to check from your travel agent about the different solo female tours of India

  • Do some research

    India has different traditions and cultures. Before you plan to travel to India I suggest you do some research. Spend some time reading blogs or articles about India’s culture and best places to visit alone. Be aware and try your best to adapt the Indian culture for your safety.

  • Pick a destination wisely

    When you decide to travel to India, choose your travel destination wisely. There are many destinations and solo female tours which will be perfect for you and you will feel safe and have an amazing experience also. You can visit any part of Rajasthan as it is one of the tourist friendly destinations and has its own charm. Or you have an option of visiting Rishikesh. You will surely have a divine experience as it is a sacred city and has many temples, ashrams and you can do activities like yoga. I have also visited here alone and felt very safe and the city has a great vibe and l definitely want to go again. There are also other places like Kerala, Goa, Varanasi and many more where you can travel alone.

  • Dress aptly

    India is a conservative country. When you travel to India you will see girls or women in different attires. There are many areas where women usually wear full length clothes and in some areas young girls prefer to wear jeans , tops , short dresses. When you are visiting traditional areas of the country I advise you to dress modestly and wear clothes that cover your shoulders and legs to avoid unnecessary attention.

  • Be mentally prepared

    According to me, one should be mentally prepared to travel alone. As a solo female traveler I think being confident plays a vital role in the overall travel journey. Be prepared to stand up for yourself if you experience any kind of inappropriate behavior. Just be self confident and everything will be fine. Also you should be really careful who you trust.

  • Avoid travelling alone at Night

    I suggest you not travel in India at night if you are alone. If you have to go out somewhere at night make sure to book a cab and avoid public transport if possible as it is very crowded and not so safe at night and also avoid roaming on foot at night for your safety. You should travel during the day time as it is more comfortable and convenient.

  • Have a Mobile Phone

    You should definitely have a Mobile phone with you and also buy a local Sim card when you arrive in India. It will be highly convenient for you as you can easily access the internet also and make sure to download some cab apps too.

Is it safe to travel to India- So don’t hesitate to travel alone or with your family and experience the most incredible and magical country. I hope you understand and follow these tips which will ensure you a safe and easy journey.

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