Kathakali Dance Show in Cochin

Kathakali is a classical dance form which is very famous in Kerala. Basically, this dance form evolved in Kerala, India. If you are visiting Kerala and have not witnessed this beautiful dance form, then your visit to Kerala is incomplete. Kathakali dance form is deeply assimilated in the culture of Kerala.

This dance form involves beautiful costumes, heavy makeup, hand, body movement and a lot of facial expressions. If you have interest in the culture of India, then I am sure that it is quintessential to watch Kathakali dance performances in Kerala. In this blog, I will tell you some interesting places where you can enjoy the mesmerizing performances of Kathakali.

Dr. Devan’s Kathakali:

This place is situated near Ernakulam Junction Railway Station. This is one of the oldest established tourist places where Kathakali dance shows are held. The founder of this place is Dr. Devan. The show starts with a lengthy discourse on Indian Philosophy and Mythology.

The performance starts from 6:45 PM and ends at 8:00 PM. If you have a little time, I recommend you to try to reach at least one hour before the performance as you may get the chance to see the process of make-up done. Many theaters allow tourists to see this amazing process of make-up.

Kerala Folklore Museum:

  This museum is located near Thevara ferry in the southern side of Ernakulam. Folklore museum is a place where Prince Charles enjoyed the Kathakali dance performance on his visit to India. It is the most atmospheric venue where you can witness this amazing performance while sitting in an air conditioned hall.

Basically, it is an Air-Conditioned theatre adorned with beautiful paintings on the wall and traditional wooden architecture.

Kerala Kathakali Centre:

Kerala Kathakali Centre is situated in Fort Kochi near Santa Cruz Basilica. This place is considered as one of the most popular places to witness the beauty of this mesmerizing form of dance. The dance is presented by the graduates from the renowned Kerala Kalamandalam.

The performance starts at 6 PM and ends at 7:30 PM. (Try to reach at least one hour before the performance as you may get the chance to see the process of make-up done.)

Rhythms Theatre (Greenix):

Greenix village is situated opposite to the Fort House. Greenix village is the most expensive place to watch a Kathakali Dance Performance. The place where this show is held is quite huge in terms of area as well as in terms of entertainment.

On Sundays, you can enjoy a combination of Kathakali dance, Mohiniyattam, Theyyam and Kalaripayattu martial art form.

So these are some places where you can enjoy this famous dance form – “Kathakali”. When I had a chance to visit Kerala, one of the main reasons was to see this beautiful dance form. I enjoyed it a lot and also got a chance to see the process of make-up done.

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