Lemon – A fruit full of Vitamins

Lemon is a bright yellow colored edible citrus fruit which is a species of a flowering plant family Rutaceae. Lemon is accessible throughout the year but summer is considered to be the peak season. It is one of the healthiest fruits because it has multiple health benefits and contains vital vitamins and minerals. Lemon is both sweet and sour in flavor due to the presence of sugar and citric acid in them. Thanks to the presence of rich Vitamin C in lemons, they are great for daily consumption. Lemon can be preserved, dried, candied or its juice is used regularly in kitchens and added to the dishes to improve its flavors. It can also be used to add refreshing flavor to drinks and one can even make yummy desserts with raw Lemons. In addition to that, the slices of Lemon are served with seafood as well and are used as a garnish to enhance the beauty of the dish. Not only this, but Lemons can also be used and consumed in many more different ways as they are really useful to improve your skin tone, reduce dandruff, and help whiten the teeth. An interesting thing is that the Lemon leaves are also used for preparing tea. From improving body immunity to lowering the risk of heart diseases to fighting against various infections, Lemon has many more advantages that prevent us from numerous health problems. Let’s talk about some of the health benefits Lemons provide us and why everyone should eat or drink Lemon every day. 

  1. Help in preventing heart diseases. 
  2. Lemon contains Vitamin C which improves body immunity. 
  3. Decreases the risk of kidney stones.
  4. Known to the best skin food as it improves skin health. 
  5. Lemon water is perfect for weight loss.
  6. Decrease the chance of Asthma.
  7. Help in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  8. Improves digestion

Does drinking warm Lemon water increase body immunity against COVID-19?

Lemon is a great home remedy to cure and fight various diseases. Many people have now started consuming Lemon daily during the pandemic as it may help to decrease the effect of COVID. Research suggests that Vitamin C and other antioxidants may increase your immunity and help in recovery against cold and Flu. There is no such evidence that this superfood Lemon is a COVID 19 protector but is always advised to take Vitamin C to boost your immunity naturally and stay fit. So there is no harm in consuming Lemon daily in your diet as it will help you in one way or another and may help lower the risk of contracting the disease.

Generally, Lemons are quite good and healthy for everybody if taken in small quantities. So adding them to your daily diet is great if you want to maintain your overall health. Consuming warm Lemon water or Lemon tea in the morning is a good habit and will be very advantageous for you. Now that you know all about this immunity booster fruit. Prepare yourself to eat healthy and notice healthy changes in your life.

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