5 Best things to do in Khajuraho

Khajuraho is a beautiful town in Madhya Pradesh, India, situated in the magnificent Chhatarpur District. Khajuraho is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India which owns the country’s largest collection of mediaeval Hindu and Jain temples, as well as erotic sculptures.

There are a lot of things to do in Khajuraho which let you experience its beauty. Here in this blog, I will tell you the 5 best things which you can enjoy while exploring this beautiful town.

1. Dance Festival in Khajuraho:

Well, the winter season is an ideal period to explore this beautiful city. The best thing you can experience in Khajuraho is the Dance festival. Enjoying the grandeur of the breathtaking dance festival held in Khajuraho is undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do in Khajuraho. It is generally held in the last few weeks of February.

At the time of this festival, Visitors can enjoy Indian classical dance forms such as Kathakali, Odisha, Kathak, Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. Also during this festival, you can see some modern dance forms.

This festival takes place in an open auditorium near Chitragupta and the Vishwanatha temple of the Western Group of Temples.

2. Visit to Ajaigarh Fort:

The Ajaigarh fort is located 80 kilometres far away from Khajuraho. It is a part of the Panna District. Its grandeur can also be witnessed by visiting it. The fort is surrounded by the majestic Vindhya Ranges. After climbing, zig-zagging stairs, one will arrive at the big entrance. It is said that earlier there were 5 entrances but now there remain only two. 

Don’t forget to go to see two rock-cut underground tanks near the northern gate of Ajaigarh. These tanks are named Ganga and Yamuna. Also, you can see three Jain temples here which look like Khajuraho Temples. One can plan a visit to this very old famous temple dedicated to Raja Parmardi deva, a Chandela Ruler.

There are no entry fees to witness this amazing place. Also, you can visit this place between 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

3. Experience the wildlife and nature at Panna National Park:

This Park is considered to be the 5th tiger reserve of the state and 22nd tiger reserve of the country. There are a lot of wildlife species which you can see here such as Jackal, Langur, Chinkara, Cheetah and wild boar. One can encounter various species of birds such as Indian vulture, honey buzzard and king vulture. 

One of the best things to do in Khajuraho is to experience the Safari rides in park owned vehicles in Panna National Park in Khajuraho. There are also some options of staying at forest rest houses and Jungle cottages.

Safari timings in Panna National park are as follows:

In summer, you can enjoy the safari ride from 05:30 AM to 09:30 AM and 03:30 PM to 06:00 PM. 
In winter, you can witness and enjoy the safari ride from 07:00 AM to 10:30 AM and 02:00 PM to 05:30 PM. 
Note: Panna National Park is closed during the Monsoon period i.e. July, August and September.

4. Tour of Temples of Khajuraho:

Visiting the Khajuraho temples is undoubtedly one of the best things you can explore in Khajuraho. These temples are famous for their amazing Nagara style architecture and also for erotic sculptures. These temples are dated back to the 9th and 10th centuries. These temples were originally a group of 85 but now the number has come down to 25.

To visit these temples, you don’t need to pay any entrance fees. Also, you can visit these temples every day between 06:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

5. Sound and Light show, Khajuraho:

The mesmerizing sound and light show takes place in the Western group of the Khajuraho temples complex. The Sound and Light Show enthrals the audience when depicting the times and life of the rulers of the Chandela dynasty. It portrays the origin, importance, and craftsmanship of these special Khajuraho temples.

You can enjoy this sound and light show in English and Hindi both. Visitors may know many things about carvings, temple art and some interesting never heard before stories that will leave them speechless.

Timings of this sound and light show are as follows:

SeasonEnglish TimingsHindi Timings
March to September07:30 PM to 08:25 PM08:40 PM to 09:35 PM
October to February06:30 PM to 07:25 PM07:40 PM to 08:35 PM

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