Things required while backpacking in and around India

Backpacking in India is really fun because here you will get to know about different cultures and traditions wherever you go. India offers many places that are safe for a backpacker to travel to. One can visit the tropical country of India at any time of the year and enjoy it to the fullest as some or the part of it has always got something to offer. Tourists usually visit India from October to March which is the winter season and during the summer season, a visit to a hill station or a beach destination is a great idea. So before packing everything in your bag, there are some things you need to carry while backpacking in and around India according to the weather and season. You need to pack things according to the place you are visiting and what activities you want to do. Preparing a list and packing as per that has always helped me and lets me travel without any hassles. 

What to carry while backpacking in India

Clothing: For a backpacker, it is really important to carry lightweight yet comfortable clothes for easy travel. So, if you plan to visit India during summers then carry lightweight and loose cotton clothes. You can also carry comfortable trousers or pants. A girl can carry kurtas ( long cotton tops), t-shirts, or long dresses as well. Please keep in mind that you should wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees while visiting any religious place. If you want to go trekking you will require trekking pants or comfortable clothes. For a beach vacation don’t forget to carry your swimsuit with you. 

Winters are the most appropriate time to travel in India as the weather is pleasant as well as there is a series of festivals that are celebrated which begin around early October until the New Year. If you are also visiting for a backpacking trip in India then you should carry warm clothes such as jackets, sweaters, gloves, shawls, etc that you will protect your face and body and keep you warm during your journey. For a backpacker, everything needs to be fit in his/her bag, so try to carry less but good quality clothes. 

Footwear: Comfortable footwear is very essential for a backpacking trip but they cover a lot of space in the bag. So try to carry sandals or flip flops with you as they are very comfortable too. But if you are interested in hiking then a good pair of hiking shoes will be needed. So, choose and bring footwear accordingly. 

During winters, you should carry shoes so that you don’t get too cold and also feel relaxed. Long boots are also good if you wish to travel to mountain places because in winter the atmosphere there is really pleasant. I went for a  backpacking trip around Rajasthan so I did not carry shoes. I carried a pair of sandals and a flip flop to wear at the hotel.

Sunscreen: You need to be prepared while visiting India in Summers. Traveling involves lots of walking and being a backpacker you will travel to lots of places. So carry sunscreen with you which will save you from the harmful UV Rays. Also, I advise you to carry sunglasses to save your eyes from dust and direct sun rays. 

Be it winters or summers, using sunscreen is a must to protect your skin. Also, you can carry winter cold creams or lip balms in winters.

Medicine: Having a first aid kit during a backpacking trip is always a good option. I hope you never use the medicines but in case you have any problem or you are not well. You should have important medicines with you like fever medicines, bandages, cream for rashes, etc. During winters, also carry cold and flu tablets or cough syrup with you. 

Food and water bottle: One of the most important things is food. While traveling, you need to keep yourself energized so do bring energy bars, fruits, nuts, etc. Carry plenty of food with you which you like so you have something to eat throughout the day. Also carrying a water bottle is necessary. A thermal water bottle will be great because in winter you can drink hot water to keep yourself warm and in summers, you can have energy drinks or plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

Electronic Items: If you want to capture the beauty of India and cherish it forever then carrying a camera is a must. One can use the mobile phone to click the pictures too but that does not do justice. We always use our phones for taking or clicking pictures while traveling. Having a power bank with you is a lifesaver because then you don’t have to worry much about the phone battery and can charge it anytime and anywhere. I think that if you are fond of listening to music or watching movies then bringing headphones with you is also nice. 

Camping gear: If You have a plan to do camping under the stars and admire nature then you need to be prepared in advance and carry your camping gear and also a blanket as it will become easy for you. I am very sure you will love camping in India especially at Pangong Lake at Ladakh because the view is just mesmerizing that you will make your trip memorable. 

These are some of the things that are required while backpacking in India but in the end I just want to say that do not carry so many items with you. Keep your backpack light so that you can easily travel with it. Carry only essential items but also leave some space in your bag so that you can take back some souvenirs for your friends and family. 

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