5 Incredible Experiences to enjoy in Pushkar City

Pushkar is a little yet quite an attractive town in Rajasthan that continues to impress tourists from around the globe with its enchanting beauty, festivals and fairs, lakes and other special attractions too. Pushkar is an amazing holiday destination to spend time with someone special or with your buddies as you can explore some nice places, do offbeat things and travel to some unexplored places in Pushkar for an exciting journey.  

Now let me inform you more about some major tourist attractions of Pushkar and things that you should not miss while vacationing in Pushkar.

  • Spend Beautiful Evenings by Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is the iconic landmark of the city with a peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking views. Surrounded by various ghats (bathing area) and temples, the Lake is considered a holy place. This Lake also becomes the most prominent site during the Pushkar fair and other festivals where people can sit around the lake and just feel that amazing spiritual aura. 

Spending time and enjoying evenings here while witnessing sunset view is indeed a beautiful feeling you will ever have. Walking around the lake and listening to melodious chants, sounds of the bell coming from the temples will provide you calmness and peace of mind. 

  • Indulge in Adventurous Jeep Safari

A popular activity to enjoy in Pushkar is a Jeep safari to explore rugged terrains and nearby areas of Pushkar. With this tour, you can discover some hidden and unique places of Pushkar like waterfalls, rose garden, wildlife etc. 

During the Jeep Safari, you will also witness the authentic life of Rajasthani people while you interact with the villagers and learn about their culture. One of the best parts of the Safari is that you will get to witness majestic views of the sunset at the dunes. 

Enjoy Stunning Kalbelia Dance Performance

Your stay at Pushkar is incomplete if you miss the chance of attending the famous Kalbelia dance performance. Kalbelia is a different kind of dance form named after the kalbelia tribe who does this dance show. 

The Rajasthan music, colourful costumes and the energetic dance performed by the dancers will surely blow your mind. You can directly book the dancers if you want to enjoy their dance performance on the dunes or you can ask your hotel staff to arrange it at the hotel.

  • Shop at Collector’s Paradise

Collector’s paradise is a vintage art gallery and museum in Pushkar that aims to make Pushkar famous and welcoming for their guests. Mr Ashok Tak, owner of the gallery sells rare stuff such as camel decoration, unique hand-embroidered textiles and they also sell traditional attires from Pakistan, Gujarat, Rajasthan. 

They have a great collection that you won’t get anywhere else. So, do visit this art gallery and shop for yourself and your loved ones. 

Visit the Pushkar Camel Fair  

If you want to experience Pushkar like a local and witness the vibrant culture of Rajasthan, this fair gives you the opportunity. This most gorgeous fair is 100 years old which let you witness the beauty of the stunning desert, enjoy hot air balloon rides, experience trading of camels, relish lip-smacking food and let you take part in entertaining activities and more. 

The worldwide popular camel fair is ready every year with fun-filled cultural events that reflect heritage and traditions. I have been to Pushkar once for a few days to attend Pushkar Mela. Each day was so different because there were so many engaging activities and events going on. For me, the highlight of the Pushkar Fair was the mesmerizing live performances of the fusion bands. Come and be a part of the grand Pushkar Mela at least once in your life. 

Now, don’t wait anymore and visit Pushkar to give yourself some best travel experiences of life.

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