Advantages of Solo travel to India

Going for a Solo trip is really thrilling and everyone of us wants to travel solo once in our life to spend some alone time and understand ourselves better. During this time, you can focus on yourself and live life freely and independently. Exploring new and undiscovered places and all the adventures can be life changing for you. Choosing a right destination is also very important and India is one of the best destinations to travel alone. From my experience I can say that traveling alone to India can be good for you and for your soul. There are many advantages of traveling Solo in life. So let me tell you about some of the things you will experience while traveling solo in India or any other destination. 

Benefits of traveling alone:-

  • No more in your Comfort Zone: When you travel with your friends or family you have their support and can handle everything together but while traveling alone, whenever you face any difficult situation you have to handle it all by yourself. This will give you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and deal with things more confidently. Believe me, taking a trip on your own will make you stronger and teach you to handle situations with patience. Traveling alone boosts your confidence and it is the best advantage for a solo traveler especially for a woman. 
  • Meeting new and interesting people: You are more approachable if you travel alone and have a chance to meet new people and make freinds. When you meet them, you will get to know about their life, their culture, stories, experiences and much more which can be beneficial for you. You will become more sociable and enjoy other people’s company during your trip. When I decided to take a solo trip, I was very scared of going to different places and talking to strangers because I don’t like to interact much but I am glad that I got a chance to interact with locals and made new friends too. And soon i realized that It was not that difficult. Till now I have friends that I made during my trip and share a good bond with them. 
  • Opportunity to learn a New language: Traveling alone to a different country where they speak a different language can be a bit challenging but it is a great advantage too because you try to engage with locals and have conversations with them. When you travel with somebody you don’t usually interact with others but when you travel alone, sometimes you have to talk to people and try to understand their language. It will be easier for you if you study a bit before traveling there or download a translator app. 
  • Chance to discover yourself:  We never take time to sit with ourselves because we are always occupied with one thing or another. Sometimes with work, family or friends but solo travel provides you an opportunity to explore yourself and enjoy your own company. Everyone should take a break and take out time for themselves to be better. In my views, if you start loving your own company then there is no going back. Understanding new cultures, traditions, making new friends and exploring allows you to understand life better. You will also learn more about yourself and change your perspective towards many things. 
  • Set your own Schedule: You are free to do whatever you want and whenever you want. If you want you can explore local places and restaurants in one day or just want to relax and do nothing the whole day. Nobody will be there to stop you. You can make your decisions and you do not have to rely on anybody. You have complete freedom and can enjoy it without any disturbance. You also have total control of your entire trip from choosing a travel destination to deciding where to eat. 
  • You will Save Money: A solo traveler has the chance to save money on their trip. He/She can stay in budget hotels and eat at local restaurants which will be easier on the wallet. If you are traveling alone you will be more responsible and spend money on only necessary things. 
  • Follow your hobbies: Spending time alone allows you to follow your hobbies or passion. If you are an adventure seeker then India is an awesome destination to fulfill your desires because here you can relish many adventure sports or you can just relax at the beach and read your favorite book. India has also many wonderful places that are best for photography and you can learn many art forms here.

If you’re planning to travel alone to India then i suggest you to book everything in advance so that you face less difficulties and can enjoy more. You will thank yourself later after taking a solo trip to India because it will be the most exciting experience for you that you will never forget. Have a happy and safe solo trip 🙂 

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