Best places to explore in Badulla, Sri Lanka

Badulla is a famous tourist attraction. For a variety of reasons, Sri Lankan travellers must include this place in their itineraries. Badulla’s location on the southeast side of Kandy, as well as the fact that it is encircled by the Badulu Oya River, make it one of the most interesting sites to visit. Furthermore, nature enthusiasts will appreciate the tranquilly of this location, which is surrounded by tea plantations.

There are numerous locations to explore in Badulla, from the Namunukula Ranges to the ruins and monuments that commemorate the former King of Kandy, as well as many other stunning structures created by the British during colonial rule. In this blog, I will tell you some best places to explore in Badulla, Sri Lanka.

1. Witness the beauty of Demodara Railway Station:

Demodara Railway Station is a prominent tourist destination among the many magnificent places in Sri Lanka that visitors should not miss. It provides an amazing view as railways turn from platforms to enter a tunnel leading to the railway station. Demodara Railway Station, the country’s third-last Main Line station, is just 277.71 kilometres from Colombo.

2. Spending Time Near the Bogoda Ancient Wooden Bridge:

Bogoda Wooden Bridge is the oldest preserved wooden bridge in Sri Lanka, Ketawala.

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka should create their itinerary in order to have a fun-filled and adventurous trip. Visiting the country’s oldest surviving wooden bridge, Bogoda Ancient Wooden Bridge, will take you back to ancient times. The distance between this place and Badulla is only 13 kilometres.

Bogoda Wooden Bridge was created in the 16th century during the Dambadeniya dynasty.  It is now regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s most sought-after historical sites. This bridge is close to the ancient Bogoda Buddhist Temple.

3. Visit the Dunhinda falls:

The 64-meter-high Dunhinda Falls waterfall in Badulla, Sri Lanka, is a must-see for nature enthusiasts and those seeking adventure. Tourists can arrange their trips with ease because this renowned waterfall is only 5 kilometres from the city.

Dunhinda Falls is a must-see for both locals and visitors from across the world. It would be wrong to say that a trip to Sri Lanka would be completed without a visit to this stunning waterfall.

4. Muthiyangana Temple:

Muthiyangana Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple in Badulla, Sri Lanka, is a popular tourist destination. This temple, which is a prominent Buddhist shrine since it is one of the 16 sacred Buddhist Solosmasthanas, invites people interested in learning about Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Travellers make it a point to visit this temple in order to re-impose their belief in Buddhism. Today, this temple is regarded as a national treasure. The 65-foot-high Muthiyangana Stupa, which has been standing since the 4th century, is visited by Buddhists.

5. Badulla’s Kataragama Devalaya:

Badulla Kataragama Devalaya is an ancient temple located in Badulla, Sri Lanka. The temple, dedicated to Kataragama Deviyo, a Sinhalese god, is still one of Badulla’s most popular tourist attractions.

The shrine room, also known as the Pilimageya, is a locally favourite section of the temple. The temple also has amazing architecture, including carved columns in timber and paintings from the Kandyan period.

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