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Jaipur promises to offer an incredible experience to travelers by providing enjoyable tours and one of the best places to visit in Jaipur is the Elefantastic Elephant farm and have a chance to bond and spend a relaxed time with Elephants. When you have a free day or want to experience something unique during your holiday, you can take the Elefanstic tour. Elefantsic is an entertaining place where you can enjoy fun activities and get aware of the biggest and sweetest mammal on earth. Elefanstic offers great services at good prices to the tourists. Elefanstic is a secure place for the Elephants where Elephant handlers take good care of them and give them the best treatment. There are 24 Elephants- One male Elephant and 23 female Elephants. Watch the Elephants doing their daily routine, feed them and learn about their food habits, cook for them, play with them, paint them with colors and show your great artistic abilities, dress them and in the end you can enjoy an Elephant ride and have a fun time. Washing the big mammal with a scrub is one of the most loved activities by the tourists. You can take a shower with an Elephant as well. Make sure to carry an extra pair of clothing before visiting here in case you choose to take a shower with an Elephant, you will not have to worry about your clothes. You can witness what the Elephants do all day and be a part of their daily life events while enjoying it with your friends and family. After applying color, click pictures with the beautiful elephants and seize the memory with you forever. Later after spending a wonderful time connecting with Elephants, you can have refreshing drinks and lunch. 

This farm also houses birds including the Golden Oriole, the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, the Black Shouldered Kite, and Peacock. The entire process is special and helps you become friends with Elephants. Elephants are very friendly but make sure you maintain a safe distance from them while touching them. It is not just an amazing experience for tourists but the elephant’s as well. Visiting this farm and taking care of the elephant will change your way of thinking towards animals. If you visit in the afternoon you can have lunch and if you want to enjoy dinner with a folk dance and music performance then visit in the evening time. People usually spend two to three hours at Elefantastic. During my visit to Jaipur, I also visited Elefantastic with my friend. I was scared to go there in the beginning but after spending some time with Elephants. I realized that they are not so dangerous. In Fact, I got to know how loving and caring they are. I witnessed some of the best moments of my life at Elefantastic. I left Elefantastic with a heavy heart and got emotional after spending the whole day with Elephants. I am definitely going back there next time with my family. You should also take this tour whenever you are in Jaipur with your family and have a really cool experience. 

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