Why Ayurveda so popular in India


Ayurveda in modern India

Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu study of medicines and believes. An Ayurveda is so popular in India. In the holistic well-being of the mind, body and soul. This subject of science not only deals with healing properties. But is also referred to as a way of life. The study of Ayurveda has taught us that. In order to keep our environment, body and mind in balance and peace.

Most importantly staying healthy is the first and foremost thing. It is popular philosophy, used by many around the world. To help people realize their utmost potential as a human being. Ayurveda has its various branches and was born during the early years of civilization. Due to it was taught and propagated by famous scholars orally. And it was converted into a printed form later. The evidence of this pious healing practice can be seen today. As like In the medicinal practice of Homeopathy also Polarity therapies. Therefore Ayurveda is most popular in INDIA.


The traditional Hindu study of medicines and believes (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas). which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems. And uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.
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Ayurveda- A holistic way of leading life

Just like a warm cloak that comforts you both. Mentally and physically on a cold morning in December. Ayurveda comforts you in its full form as a part of your daily lives. This Ayurvedic technique not only vitalizes your body. It’s rejuvenates your mind, soul as well as your surroundings also. Therefore the knowledge of Ayurveda helps you enhance. In addition you create a more profound aura. With higher awareness of yourself and your inner balance.

Just like every country has its own culture, traditions and set of rules. That form its constitution, Ayurveda also develops and makes us aware of our bodily culture and rules. That form our personal constitution. Hence our spiritual constitution comprises of emotional, physical and mental characteristics. That are determined by a number of factors. That remain with us throughout our life. That’s why Ayurveda so popular in INDIA.


It is important for one to understand. The order and modes of imbalance. That occur in and around our body. There are chances of emotional instability or physical illness. Causes of that the disruption of our natural order. Therefore it is necessary to identify the negative elements. That cause the imbalance and work towards securing the natural order of our body through the help of Ayurveda. Modern Indian society recognizes Ayurveda as a legitimate medical system. Practitioners receive state-licensed, institutionalized medical training. Approximately two-thirds of India’s rural people, who comprise 70% of the population, use Ayurveda for their primary health care needs. Causes of that’s Why Ayurveda so popular in India.

How Ayurveda help us to regulate our aura ?

In Ayurveda, there are three different types of energy that help us regulate our aura. The life forces or energies are known as “DOSHAS”. There are no English words for it. However, the Sanskrit terms are as follows:

  • Vata Dosha (Air)
  • Pitta Dosha (Mixture of fire and water)
  • Kapha Dosha (A blend of earth and water)

Vata Dosha (Air):

The first and foremost is the most important form of energy that stabilizes all the body functions. It includes blood flow, heart rate. Above all are helps us get rid of all the unwanted elements that are present in our body. A person with who is vata predominant has characteristics like quick pace, quick grasping power. They are mentally quite active as compared to the others. For the reason A person who falls under this category is generally who has less will power.

He will makes a rash decisions (the ones they regret later) and is not a good planner. They have a good financial condition. However, money does not stay with them for a longer period. It goes as fast as it comes in. These people have irregular and different kind of diet system as well. They are attracted to less oily food like salads and raw vegetable meals. As a result people with Vata Dosha can keep it under control by staying calm. Keping themselves warm, eating a good amount of food and getting plenty of rest to your body and brain.

Pitta Dosha (Mixture of fire and water):

The second one, as the name suggests is as fierce as the fire and as cool as the water. It is related to our hormones, digestion and metabolism and certain other factors that are linked to our appetite. The things that can disrupt the system are staying for long under the sun and intake of large amounts of spicy food. The people that fall under this category have a good metabolism and strong appetites. They are inclined towards eating spicy food and cold drinks. These people are characterized by traits like sharp intelligence, warm bodies and out of the box ideas. Intense situations, they feel agitated and often get short tempered. For balancing Pita Dosha, people from this category can limit salt intake, avoid excessive oil, steam and heat. Exercising during the day can also help you balance the constitution of your body.

Kapha Dosha (A blend of earth and water):

The third and the last Dosha is the Kapha Dosha which is a combination of both earth and water. Kapha Dosha symbolizes muscle growth, body strength and factors like weight and immunity. People often tend to disrupt this dosha is by consuming a lot of salt and water supplements and by involving habits. Its like sleeping at irregular intervals and eating a lot of junk foods. The people from this category are one of a kind.

How Ayurveda impacts in our life ?

The study of Ayurveda has both psychological as well as physiological impacts. Moreover Ayurveda provides us with a diet supplement that enables us to regulate our natural order and maintain it adequately. The world of Ayurveda recognizes the importance of seasons as well. According to the theories, every individual is unique in its own element and has a separate constitution. Similarly, those different constitutions are affected by different seasons. Each season has a unique impact, both negative and positive, on the energies of every individual. As a result Ayurveda helps us understand the science and complete philosophy of life. With the proper amount of knowledge and true insight. Ayurveda provides us with immense knowledge of cause and effect relationship that regulate the lives of each individual as a result Ayurveda is most poplar in INDIA. Ayurveda Treatment with India Tours. India Tours provide you a Ayurveda Tour Packages please check it out.

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