Beaches in India

Best Beaches in India

If you are looking for a fantastic location to chill and relax. Then, the beaches in India are perfect for anyone. They provide a tropical and warm feeling to all the people who visit there with marvellous eateries and local food as well. There are mainly two categories of beaches in India which are west coast beaches and east coast beaches.

West coast beaches


Top six beaches in Gujarat: Gujarat has the longest shoreline compared to other states. The beaches in the state are famed for its wide range of water activities or sports. Some of the water sports that tourists can include swimming, surfing, parasailing and much more. Apart from monuments and culture, it is well-known to provide the best beach experience as well because of its vast shoreline. Tourists not only get to enjoy a wide range of activities but they also get to taste seafood as well. Some famous beaches in Gujarat include:

Diu Beach Tithal Beach Nargoai Beach
Dwaraka Beach Ahmedpur Mandvi Jamnagar Beach

Top five beaches in Maharashtra


Maharashtra is not just a state that is famed for Bollywood or its mouth-watering Vada Pav, but it also famed for its beaches as well. The state is known to provide several water activities for travel enthusiasts around the world. Some critical and favourite water sports include beach walking, sunbathing, swimming, jet skiing, surfing, and much more. These beaches are not the just an ideal location for couples to spend private time together but they are also great for families and friends as well. Some of the famous beaches in Maharashtra include

Juhu Beach Chowpatty Beach Madh Island Beach
Aksa Beach Manori Beach 

Top five beaches in Goa

Top five beaches in Goa

Goa is a fantastic location to spend time at if you want a perfect tropical experience. This is a place one must visit at least once in a lifetime. Here, people can rejuvenate their body and avail the best beach experience. Goa is not just renowned for its resorts, hotels, and nightlife, but it is also famous for its water sports and trails it offers to tourists. It is also famous for the full range of pubs, clubs, or bars as well. So, foreigners can not only chill at the beach, but they can also enjoy great cocktails too. Some exquisite and exotic beaches you should visit include.

Calangute Beach Palolem Beach Baga Beach
Anjuna Beach Candolim Beach 

Top six beaches in Karnataka


Karnataka is a south Indian state that is near Maharashtra and Goa. It is also known as “The Land of Black Soil”. It is famous for its historical events and artefacts. It is also known for the founder of Carnatic music as well. Apart from all these facts, the south Indian state is famous for featuring several beaches as well. Tourists can visit several beaches here and get to watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets with their partner or with their family. Some excellent beaches in Karnataka include

Karwar Beach Kudle Beach Malpe Beach
Kaup Beach Mukka Beach Ullal Beach

Top six beaches in Kerala


Kerala is also a south India state that is famous for its popular dances forms. It is also the most literate state in India with a fair sex ratio. The state is known for coconuts, jackfruits, palm trees, and Indian elephants. However, it is also known for its beaches as well. Here, tourists can chill with their family, friends, or acquaintances. They can watch beautiful scenic views and capture moments. The beaches in Kerala are also profound for their seafood and local shops as well. Some of the famous beaches in Kerala include.

Cherai Beach Fort Kochi Beach Marari Beach
Kollam Beach Saddam Beach Kovalam Beach

Top six beaches in West Bengal


The state lies on the south of Bay of Bengal hence it is an excellent spot for beaches. It is known for its traditional culture, festivals, and celebrations. People here are love seafood to a large extent. So, apart from enjoying the panoramic views at the beaches sunbathing, you can also get to taste one of the finest seafood too. The capital of the state is Kolkata that is also famed for fishing activities. Some beaches that tourists and wanderlusts must visit include

Henry Island Beach Bakkhali Sea Beach Junput Beach
Mandarmani Beach Shankarpur Beach Tajpur Beach

Top seven beaches in Odisha


This state is located on the east side of the Bay of Bengal. It was built by the British when they ruled over India. It shares its boundaries with West Bengal. So, just like West Bengal, here you can find several beaches too. The state is known to provide people with the best water experiences which include swimming, diving, snorkeling, sailing, parasailing, jet skiing, and much more. Some beautiful beaches you can visit avail the best experience include

Talsari Beach Dagara Beach Hukitola Beach
Satabhaya Beach Paradeep Sea Beach Konark Beach
Ramachandi Beach  

Top eight beaches in Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh is India’s eighth largest state. It is known for its monuments, mines, recipes, and culture. It also has several fascinating structures that stand in India, technological institutes, film cities, and much more. Apart from all this, the state is also well-famed for its beaches. These beaches provide swimmers with tropical experience. The climate is humid in the state, so the water is at the perfect temperature for a marvellous soak. The capital of the state is now Amaravati which means people’s capital. Some beaches where you can chill at include.

Bheemili Beach Koduru Beach Mypadu Beach
RK Beach Uppada Beach Yarada Beach
Antarvedi Beach Rushikonda Beach 

Top seven beaches in Tamil Nadu


Apart from the famous dance form Bharatanatyam or delicious filter coffee. The state is also known for its beaches. The capital of the city, Chennai is widely famous for the best beach experience. People often visit this location to put away all their stress, tensions, and worries of their work routine and busy schedules. The state also experiences a hot and humid condition. So, it is the best location if you are looking for the perfect suntan. Some of the beaches here include

Marina Beach Golden Beach Silver Beach
Covelong Beach Edward Elliot’s Beach Kanyakumari Beach
Poompuhar Beach  

Top six beaches in Pondicherry

This is a small region that is known for the best coastal experiences. It is a planned region that is well-connected and well-laid. It is hence also known as the White Town. There are numerous statues and various type of architectural styles that are featured here. This is because many colonisations took place in this region. It is also one of the famous trading centres as it is well-connected via water transport. So, the area is also known perfect beach experience as well. Get to make complete use of various water activities that are featured in this region. Some of the best beaches where you can put away all your stress include

Promenade Beach Karaikal Beach Yanam Beach
Auroville Beach Paradise Beach Serenity Beach

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