Things You Should Know Before You Go to India

Things You Should Know Before You Go to India

If you have made the plan to travel India, first read about something in this beautiful country. Things You Should Know Before You Go to India – Especially how to get around on public and private transportation and what to think about all that tantalizing street food.

India is a beautiful, colorful and inspiring country,  it is also a place unlike any other, offering an incredible contrast of sights, smells, sounds and tastes. It’s a country that will undoubtedly get under your skin. It also can cause culture shock and can leave even the most seasoned of travelers overwhelmed. To keep your trip enlightening, not exhausting, keep these tips in mind when traveling to India’s vibrant cities, breathtaking coastlines and enchanting countryside locations. Know more about this country click here.

Top 7 Things You Should Know Before You Go to India


Be careful of What You Eat

Delhi is a real ailment many visitors leave with after indulging in too many curries and street-side snacks. Although there’s a high chance you’ll experience some gastrointestinal discomfort while you visit. Avoid most street food and taste fruits and vegetables and try to eat food that’s been only boiled or fried. And when it comes to water, drink only mineral water.


Stay in a good hotel

To make your stay good and comfortable, always check reviews of hotels/ homestays through the internet before traveling to India as India has many options to stay including hotels from budget class to five star.

Bring Your Camera

Bring Your Camera

India is a street photographer’s dream for a reason. There’s so much to see and capture at any given moment. Your camera will showcase moments, experiences and encounters that you’re too busy to notice, like a little boy picking up fruit at a street stall or an elderly woman looking up from a massive pile of saris. Plus, you’ll leave with impressive photos to share stories of your incredible adventures when you go back to your home.


Although some areas accept credit cards, the primary currency across India is cash – especially once you reach the more rural parts of India. To avoid extra hassles, bring plenty of cash for cabs and tuks tuks, for restaurants and local markets and especially for shopping. Many of the city bazaars (bustling shopping centers) are a shopper’s paradise.


India’s culture is like many other Southeast Asian countries where short skirts are not allowed in religious places so pack you bags with your favourite dresses and also carry scarves and long pants for covering arms and legs when visiting religious sites, and opt for regular t-shirts in lieu of V-necks. Also, it’s common to remove shoes when you enter someone’s home or a temple, so bring socks if you’d prefer not to go barefoot.

Explore Outside the Cities

Explore Outside the Cities

India is also described as crowded and bustling. Hence Instead of spending your entire trip in a city, you have options to spend just a few days taking in villages areas where you may see village life of Indian people where you may visit some villages of Rajasthan as Bishnoi village in Jodhpur famous for jeep safari, Khuri Sand Dunes, situated in Khuri village, located 42 kms from the city of Jaisalmer, here you may enjoy camel safari, evening bonfires and folk music. Naggar village in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

It is very close to Kullu, and one of the ancient villages of Himachal Pradesh, where you would be able to breathe in the cool refreshing mountain breeze, watch plentiful plum and apple orchards that exude a sweet aroma filling the air of the place. Kumbalangi is a quiet, leafy island village known for rural tourism activities. People visit the island to see Chinese fishing nets, explore its mangrove forests, and experience traditional village life of Kerala. Boat trips from Kallenchery cruise along the surrounding backwaters. Local artisans and boatmen offer craft demonstrations and fishing trips, while simple, no-frills eateries serve seafood and local meals.

Stay aware of your surroundings

Things You Should Know Before You Go to India. This rule applies to almost every city/ country you visit, because of poverty and the overcrowding in some of India’s biggest cities, pick pocketing is a frequent occurrence. Avoid being a victim of theft by carrying small bags with a hearty zipper that can wrap around your shoulder, and don’t put money, cell phones or keys in your pockets. If you have to walk late at night, walk with a companion, whether it’s a guide, a friend or a family member. And always, stay calm.

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